When traditional meets modern

My concept for Moon came from a personal desire to share my love of Thai and European cuisine. When I was young, I sat in my backyard looking at the moon, imagining how it would feel to be out of the Earth’s atmosphere, suspended in a moment of pure amazement. This is the feeling I want people to feel when they eat the food I create.
— Head Chef of Moon - Chef Aum
My cooking journey began 16 years ago - a culinary journey which started from curiosity and which progressed because of passion. My cooking style is a marriage between my love for Thai cuisine and my interests in European gastronomy. “
— Creative Director - Chef Aum
Every dish I will offer at Moon will embody my wild imagination and my respect for traditional Thai cuisine. With great excitement, I give you Moon.
— Chef Aum

EUROPEAN Thai Cuisine


346 Liverpool Street

Darlinghurst    NSW   2010

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